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In the Plastic Bottle Mould packaging market, people’s impressions are often concerned about the blowing machine. The quality of the bottle blowing machine seems to affect the quality of the plastic bottle. This is something everyone agrees with. However, it is easy for people to ignore the Bottle Mould. In fact, the impact of the quality of bottle moulds on plastic bottles can not be ignored.

The manufacturing of surface engineering technology by mold processing manufacturers is a system that obtains the required surface properties by changing the morphology, chemical composition and structure of solid metal or non-metal surfaces. The surface modification technology of mold production uses plasma, laser, electron beam, high-density solar energy and other methods, and is ion implantation to obtain surface modification.

For a plastic bottle manufacturer, the injection molding machine’s investment is one-time, but the bottle mould is to be long-term investment. Therefore, many plastic bottle manufacturers will use their brains to purchase and use bottle moulds in order to save costs. In this context, there will inevitably be a problem. That is the negative effect of bottle molds on the packaging of plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles use polyester (PET), polyethylene (PE), and polypropylene (PP) as raw materials. After adding the corresponding organic solvents, they are heated at high temperatures and blown, extruded, or injection molded through plastic molds. Plastic container. There are many ways to manufacture polyethylene, the most common of which is the polymerization of ethylene at high temperatures of 200-300°C and pressures of 1,000-2,000 atmospheres. In polyethylene, it is not doped with other substances. The polyethylene thus obtained has a low density and a soft texture, and has a high stability to sunlight, air, moisture, and chemical reagents. Therefore, it is not necessary to add stabilizers and plasticizers, and most of the stabilizers and plasticizers are Poisonous or highly toxic.
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