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The Anti Snore Mouthpiece – Applications and Usage

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People have certain habits Melaluna Sleep Aid that they cannot control at night due to the fact that they are subconscious and cannot control their voluntary muscles like they can when they are awake. Some of these habits, like sleeping on one’s back or stacking pillows, make us more vulnerable to snoring than others.

What Is The Anti Snore Mouthpiece The anti snore mouthpiece is really a take off from the mouth guards used in boxing and other sports where the lower teeth need extra support to protect the jaw from dislocating itself after receiving a blow. The idea of avoiding jaw movement is very useful especially for snorers who tend to sleep on their backs…and if they also have the habit of grinding their teeth at night, using the no snore mouthpiece they can kill two birds with one stone, as it is much more desirable to destroy a replaceable apparatus than one’s own teeth.

The Reason Why Most People Snore When someone lies on their back, gravity naturally makes the jaw fall backwards. This simple movement reduces the amount of space for airflow in the throat. As a result, the throat is narrowed around the uvula, the soft palate and the back of your tongue. The air sucked in by the movement of the diaphragm is compressed by the reduced space. This causes the air to flow faster past these soft tissues and if they are loose or dangling, they are more prone to vibrate like the reed of a musical instrument and produce snoring.

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