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Prostitution & Emotional Destruction
A once vibrant, fragrant flower is wilting away.
Blemished and trampled attached to.
A stressed, barren existence remains.
Uprooted from its origins.
Desolate, left to fend for automatically.
No water to be able to saturate the soil.
No offspring can grow in such an environment.
It is, instead, a place of decay.
A once vibrant, fragrant flower is wilting away.
I remember for my early teens, I reunited with during the. He said words to me. Some of those words were I accept you immensely. Escorts in Milwaukee said his absence during life was not abandonment. But which he spoke conflicted with the reality of his practices. I am your Father, he would perhaps. But where was this Father in opportunity? I never knew.
Years later, as a prostitute, I would have been in tears, crying on the carpet. In those moments, I realized the difference between words and procedures. If my Father loved me as he said, then why was I in this particular state? What sort of fatherly love could leave me to face to world of it's own? How was he comfortable not protecting me and my friends?
Now, when I hear words, I am reminded that they are just words.
Love is not much a word.
Below is a beloved Punjabi song with superb lyrics (translated in English) which highlights the abuse of love in modern society:
In todays times, romance has become frivolous,
Destroying the divine concept of true love
In Addition, here is often a beautiful Persian poem translated in English to inspire hope into the hopeless. A sincere give many thanks to sort of soul who shared this with me during hard times:
Do Not Grieve
?Your lost Joseph will return to Canaan, do not grieve
This house of sorrows will donrrrt garden, do not grieve
Oh grieving heart, should mend don't despair
This frenzied mind will return to calm, do not grieve
When the spring of life sets again the actual meadows
A crown of flowers you will bear, singing bird, do not grieve
If these turning epochs do not move the will today
The state of time is not constant, do not grieve
Lose hope not, for awareness cannot perceive the concealed
Behind the curtains hidden scenes play, do not grieve
Oh heart, should a flood of destruction engulf the world
If Noah is your helm, do not grieve
As you step along with desert in desire of Kaaba
The thorns may reproach you, don't grieve
Home possibly be perilous and destination out of reach
But there are no paths without an end, do not grieve
Our state in separation from friends and with demands of foes
The divine who turns circumstance knows all, don't grieve
Hafez, a corner of poverty and loneliness of dark nights
Until your words echo prayers and lessons of Quran, do not grieve.

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